New Clones, First Grow, Time To CFL

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  1. This white widow, mIxed with mk, and a little bit of my own purple silver in a bowl... made for a wicked bowl of salad lol.
  2. Tomorrow marks seven days of water, so I will be laying them buds out to dry on one side of a little rack then after work I will rotate it again and give you all a smoke report :) I have been having a lot of white widow the last week, so my tolerance is probably through the roof...
  3. Taking all of my Trim / baby buds (I lost some sugar leaves... the fan, due to my stupidity, helped me spread them around my room, Bahahahaha) and I'm going to make some QWISO. Snagged a gallon of 99% rubbing alcohol (iso) from the farm and feed store.
    I have a 6x6 or 8x8 pyrex dish.. for a nice handful of water cured trim.
    since I water cured and removed most of the nasties that the water would usually extract with it, I am going to let the rubbing alcohol mix a bit in the container with the Salad so I can ensure One Really strong / fully potent batch, rather than multiple. I'm hoping it will be easy enough to scrape up...
    I had a lot of trouble trying to scrape a Reclaim Qwiso attempt a few weeks ago,lol.
    This is my first Real Qwiso attempt, so any input is appreciated.
    Shaking the iso and salad in a mason jar for a minute or two.. then filtering through a wire mesh, then a coffee filter into the pyrex... where it will sit in my Hang closet with a fan blowing. Hoping to see some delicious usable product tomorrow after work ;)
    I'm really wanting to take this QWISO and use it with a G-Pen or one of those Ecigs made for Wax and what not..
    Is there anything I need to do to the Qwiso to make it usable in a G-Pen?

  4. I ordered the microg. Two pack with some extra stuff and I purchased an additional coil... including shipping it was 110
  5. Anyone know what kinda wax is best for these things? BrassnWood.. quit hitting that like button cuz you're too stoned to reply, but still want to acknowledge my post! lol
  6. Ha.. I am usually a tad medicated.. I'm just watching to see how your qwiso turns out..
  7. It was bad cuz I did it ripped. Left it in the trim for a bit..came out dark but got me ripped when I put it on bowls lol
  8. Hey everyone
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  10. I don't think I'm going to bother asking, hahaha

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