New clone cuttings 6ft under 400w hps?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Blueandgold, May 13, 2011.

  1. I have 2 mother clones sitting 2ft under 400w hps 18/6 and was wondering when I cut my clones will they be safe under the same light but 6ft away (in a dome) instead for 2ft?

    Doing this will save me time and money because my mother clones and their babies could be kept in the same room with the same light schedules.
  2. I'm doing this with no problems so far 400 watt hps and a 125watt Cfl
  3. awesome! let me know if anything goes wrong. This setup would be perfect for my room
  4. Sure i will let you know
  5. You can cover the top of the dome with a paper towel to diffuse some of the light. It works better than Flouros imo.
  6. Im a first timer and my girls have been 2 feet beneath a 400hps all their lives, minus the first 5 or so days from sprout when they were in a windowsill. Their growth did slow down dramatically for several days but Im pretty sure its because I left them in their little solo cups for too long. Now they've been in pots about the size of a gallon milk jug each, still 2 feet beneath the 400hps and they seem to love it.
  7. Theyre still babies.
  8. I have mine sitting under a home made dome in my mother tent and i have a 125w cfl hanging on the other side of my mother so there shaded i just dont like direct light on my clones for the first few days ive even hewrd of people putting the clones in solid dark for 2 or 3 days idk if it works or not

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