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new city no green! =/

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sicly, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. So i moved. And i do not know anyone in my area. Anyone know any tricks for finding a new dealer?
  2. Call the police, they should have some of them locked up right now
  3. Well, if you are in school, it should be pretty straightforward. If you have a job, make some friends, and you'll find some smokers. If you aren't in school, and you dont have a job, then you need to go make some friends elsewhere. If not, then go to a head shop or a similar place where stoners will be at and make some friends there.
  4. Craiglist's? for real...Even the cops is a better place to ask around then craigslist haha, craigslist is good if you want to get some fudge packed then killed.
  5. harsh
  6. Meet new people and ask if they know anyone who sells or could connect you to a dealer

  7. In my state, a man put an ad on craiglist talking about this awesome job as cow watcher/herder(More convincing than I said), and took him in the woods and shot him. So craiglist is a no no.
  8. assumeing i am not a social person. any ideas then? i am kinda introverted an not good at talking to people. even more so about taboo topics.
  9. I heard a lot of those peeps at the head shops got this new strain called "baby dro" try it if you get a chance.

  10. Well there is no way unless you talk to people... Unless you actually use craigslist lmfao.

  11. i know its against the rules...but if you make real good friends with some on here maybe you guys can hang out and exchange peeps. It's not really that social being online...and your going to have to come out to get your bud so try to be a little "social".
    Unless your real fucking fat and can't fit thru your door, then try the "Baby Dro".
  12. Truthfully i am worried just being on this site. i get really nerves in real life for like absolutely nothing. And the weed makes it so i can calm down. sooo yea. not good with people i guess.

    I have been trying to grow a plant but i keep messing it up some how i think. =/
  13. But the good thing is i am not fat. i actually workout like 6 days a week =)
  14. reno is where its at
  15. ^^^^ hehe, hehe jus came from that thread too:p lol baby crip. best be gettin his 8gs or da $43 tomorrow! ima checc up on that thread tomorrow!:smoke:
  16. Try standing around downtown looking for other people standing around lol.
  17. NON DIPSHIT POST: helps.
  18. My dealer has no idea who I am. Never seen my face or knows my name. 80 for a quarter of dank anytime I ring my bell. :)

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