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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Feelin'Alright, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. New piece of hardware as of yesterday, 2-20-2009. Bought a Kannastor grinder. Its a 4 stage with a kief sifter. Its pretty badass, i especially like the black part of it. I thought it kinda stood out cause everyone i know either has sharpstones or space cases.... a little different i guess.

    a few pictures, shitty camera on my cell phone:


  2. Sweet grinder. Im planning on getting a grinder soon. Scissors and a book will do for now.
  3. Ha same, I need to get a grinder.

    Btw, how much that cost you?
  4. hmm i suppose it dont make much difference but ive put the coin in the keef part. but kool grinder ive seen them in local headshops but just got a sharpstone.
  5. i have that grinder and 4 teeth have already broken off it =( be careful i guess
  6. Do what now? Are you serious, that sucks. I paid 52 for that damn thing and that could have been an eight of some decent herbage. I'll try not to be rough with it in case the teeth are weak or something. I dunno, coulda just been a freak accident and hopefully not a common problem.
  7. Sometimes when i've got some really dank nuggets it feels like my grinder may just explode from the pressure. Definitely go easy on them and if they get stuck, open it up and move some of the semi-grinded nuggets around and continue :)
  8. Coffee grinder + a stashbox with a keif catcher will lighten the load of your hand grinder (i use mine only when not home) and you don't lose any keif.

    Tho i really want to pickup a 4 piece hand grinder, mine is just a basic 2 piece with no catcher.
  9. i only used scissors once and that made my weed fly everywhere but now i have a grinder

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