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New chitown pick up!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kushMan89, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Haven't posted up any pick ups for a few weeks so I got 2 strains to share with ya! First we have the purple mr. nice, and banana kush:smoke: The banana kush is probably my favorite out of the two though. Purple Mr. Nice Guy smells sooo much more compared to the banana and it looks a lot more covered in crystals but the high from the banana is slightly better.

    This is the nice guy. Super frosty and super fluffy. Lovely:smoke:

    A close up of the nice guy. You can see the purple better in the close up for sure.

    Banana Kush

    Close up of the banana

    I know the flash kind of makes the pics look a lil bright but its really hard for me to get a shot of the true color of the bud without the flash. Damn crappy digital cameras. Or i just suck at taking pictures haha:smoke:
  2. very nice man
  3. That banana looks phenomenal man
  4. love the purp bro
  5. Thank you sir.:) It is quite phenomenal
    Gotta love the purps too

  6. Yep those photos suck, send me some of that and I'll shoot some great pics for ya. Of course you won't get anything but photos back....

    I don't have any pics of weed but this is what you can do with a proper digital camera:

    how do you post full size pics on here anyway?
  7. Haha! I'm not too keen on sending ganja in the mail though:rolleyes: I do what I can with what I've got. But I'd really like to definitely get a camera upgrade. Lately I've been concerned with getting gas and weed so no camera in the future. And about the full size pics. I don't know really, that's just how it comes from
  8. Very dank buds bro. I'd rep you but i need to spread the love first. Those are actually some pretty good photos for a point and shoot camera.
  9. That banana kush looks sweet, i've heard great things about the smoke! You're a lucky guy! :hello:
  10. Haha, well spread the love then!:D and thank you for that man! I usually get someone in every pic up thread i make that says something about shitty picture quality. I think they look pretty good to. Can't wait to be able take pics with a camera like yours though!
  11. I don't see anything wrong with those pics. nice chicity buds.
  12. man that looks frosty
  13. nice pickup
  14. Thanks man. Chicago is loaded with dank buds so far in 2010. A very good year:smoke:

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