New Chillum

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  1. check it out her for 35 dollars from a new headshop I checked out this morning. glass is pretty thick and I like the work on it a lot let me know what u think

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    Sickkk :eek:

    It looks like a salt piece, do you know the blower?
  3. Shit looks sick. :metal:  :metal:
  4. nice pick up
  5. there was no marking on it in the shop, I know there are salt chillums that look like this one but I cannot say for sure =/
    thanks blades
  6. It's gorgeous, none the less. :)

  7. Not SALT but sick nonetheless!
  8. Nice man
  9. thanks bros just smoked it for 2nd time high af
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    as much as I like the eyes, I also appreciate originality and I really wanna see some new artists coming up with their new ideas and themes  :love: 
    that is a score for 35, I could see that selling for 50-60 all day
  11. Nice piece! Are you allowed to tell us where you bought it? A weblink perhaps?
  12. artifax in philly

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