New chillum and my small glass collection

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  1. Thought this would make a nice addition to my small collection. Its nice to smoke personal bowls out of, my spoon's bowl is monster. My bubbler is my favorite piece i have ever owned but i am saving up right now to get a bong.

    Tell me what you guys think

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  2. this is the third bubbler on here today that ive been like damn. nice pieces :D
  3. Ooh, that's a clutch little bub. I like it :D
  4. ya it was maybe a little pricey but it hits really nice. i could never see myself getting rid of it
  5. thats real nice my friend, good luck on saving up for that bong
  6. thanks, saving money should be easier since i just got another job. cant wait to be able to buy kinebud again since ive been stuck buying reggies while my funds are low
  7. Bad news, i went to open my blue case the other day and found my broken chillum inside. i was very sad but i did the proper thing and buried it.

    The carb is suprisingly comfortable if you hold the piece correctly. I have found that if you put your thumb under the bubble and use your index finger to hold the carb it fits perfect in my hand. I might post some more pictures if that is hard to invision.

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