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New chillum and glow rod

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by Deep Roots, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Picked up this glow rod at my lhs for 10 bucks and a can of tane for $3. So far I love this thing, it conserves I think and taste soo much better, defiantly was worth it, and will be perfect with qwiso. The chillum was kinda high I think, 24.99, but it's pretty thick and has the size bowl I was looking for. Bout the size for a good bong snap(.3) Oh and the pic is my buddy's double screen grinder he got, that's the 2nd chamber full of dank hairs lol

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  2. Nice lil chillum, decent size bowl too.

    Been looking into getting a glass rod, but the idea of it terrifies me. Good chance I'll burn my house down.

    But the main reason is I don't wanna spend money on a torch too.
  3. It's not so bad Dr. :) I think I got my torch for 10 bucks at home depot. Takes maybe 5-7 seconds or so for it to glow red. I use a glass ash catcher, and just set it horizontal across both ends.

    I've burnt myself a time or two, but I think that's to be expected lol.
  4. [​IMG]
    Yeah... Lol well this is the result of my herb iron. My old bed sheets were covered in burn holes from Hempwick.

    I probably shouldn't own a torch ;)
  5. Oh no. :eek:

    Do you have the model with the built in stand? That tends to save me most of the time, thankfully ha.
  6. Built in? No. It just connected on this little metal stand, but that got lost ages ago.

    I gave myself some decent burns with that thing.
  7. I knew I shouldn't have said "built in".lol. Yes, the metal stand. Ah, I see.
  8. That's what I figured you meant too but I over analyzed it :p

    Lost that metal guard on the ceramic base too lol. Mine is also broke currently (just stopped working).

    I'm a mess.
  9. Well, that is just no good sir. I'm not sure I could even get that metal stand off without taking pliers to it lol.
  10. Ahh, I'm jealous of that chillum. I really like the bowl size...Just make sure you watch out for wind if you're smoking that outside and have that much sticking out hehe ;)

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