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  1. Ahhhhh... so beautiful, pulls well, keeps the smoke cool. Nice deep bowl (Made with 22K gold)... base made of lavastone. comes from hawaii. LOVE IT!! <3

    This thing is AWESOME!! palpable energy... :) take a looksie! I understand why Bob Marley had one... :)

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  2. They have some of these at my LHS, I was thinking about getting one for shits and giggles just because I like trying new style of pieces. What would you rate it 1-10?
  3. how much did it cost?
  4. Holy crap! THAT IS COOL AS SHIT? Does the LHS mail?
  5. i got it at harborside... (i've been going to them since before weed wars..) and they've revamp'd the place. added pieces and other retail. they had these behind some glass and they caught my eye. $89.. but i feel like it was worth every penny. i love new pieces, they're like functional art to me. it feels good in your hand and (im bout to get a lil kumbaya,) it really has some good vibes attached to it. the artist carved his initials into the bottom. you can buy it at their website... google: celebration pipes. best piece i've smoked from.. id give it a solid 9/10.

  6. It reminds me of a glass blowing furnace.... I bet it looks like a volcano when it's cherry. Looks kinda short though. Can you fridgerate it or does it hurt the ceramic glaze?
  7. its not nearly as short as you'd think... fully packed, about 20 hits... :) not sure about fridging it... it stays pretty cool on its own so i've just kept it out. can't feature smoking from anything else for a while.. ;)
  8. My LHS has a few of these too.
  9. Looks pretty fucking bomb dude, I'll stay to my scientific glass though. ;)
  10. Those are really cool. I checked out the website and they give you a discount if you purchase 2 and they toss in their cleaning supplies. Sweet deal. Thanks for showing me my next pipe.

  11. which website?
  12. [quote name='"Clidefr0g"']

    which website?[/quote]

    Can't link it directly, but try typing 'celebration pipe' in google and I bet you can figure it out...

  13. thank you kindly
  14. Nice bro I saw one of those awhile back on Nugporn I definitely wanna pick one up soo sick
  15. Can you post some more pics up? Not sure if Im just too high or what but I can't figure that bad boy out
  16. [quote name='"bonginnn"']Can you post some more pics up? Not sure if Im just too high or what but I can't figure that bad boy out[/quote]

    Its a dry pipe, the gold part is the bowl, you know, where the herb goes. The stone looking part is the chamber, there is a hole at the opposite end of the
  17. sure thing... here are some other perspectives:

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  18. does it feel solid? I dislike how they say its made from lavastone when it isnt at all.. all they did with the lava stone is use it to texture the outside of what ever kind of ceramic they used.
  19. youre correct... the lava stone was used to give
    it texture... the ceramic base is made out of a
    ceramic mix the artist made. incredibly durable... they say this is a pipe thatll last you decades. it feels heavy as if it was made of stone and cleans nicely.
  20. Celebration Pipes

    There's the website if anyone still can't find it or is too caked to search :)

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