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Discussion in 'Pets' started by groovydes, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. im new here :) And I just bought a new cat, she's a beauty.(already bought her kitty joints lol) I just don't know what to name her, what's a good stoner name for a cat? anything but Smokey.
  2. Hello and welcome. I'm fairly new, too.
    The kitty will show you what to call her; she will do something that will become a catch-phrase for referring to her and it will come naturally. Often, animals end up getting named organically, and the seemingly obvious names are often not the ones that stick. Last summer I took in a pair of stray kittens. Everyone called them something different, and no names really seemed to catch, beyond just calling them orange and gray. Then, one day, I was just stoned and being silly...I turned to the orange kitten and dubbed him Chicharrones Picantes (spicy fried pork-skins), and his sister Horchatagata (cinnamon and rice-milk drink + cat). So they ended up being named in Spanish for snack food and beverage. Totally stuck. Go figure.
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  3. name it dog
  4. H
    horchatagata haha love it!!!
  5. I always liked people names for cats. Henry, Louie, Dafnee...whatever lol if not that, stick with it for a while and something will surely stick!

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