New cartoon to burn to! must watch! hilarious!

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by woknwhale, Feb 2, 2018.

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  2. LMAO okay, is this yours?
  3. I watched it. 7 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Platypussies. Only part that made me chuckle. I'm not p.c. but I can see where several groups of people would find it offensive. I didn't care for it, but good luck
  4. I still want to know if this is your video haha
  5. yup
  6. It kinda looks like 6 year old drew it on the Programme Paint lol
  7. I thought it was hilarious. I'm not pc and don't find anything that regards comedy as offensive, so I liked it. Really low brow at times, but yeah...
  8. I watched it it was stupid how high r u man
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  9. A few things I laughed at:
    Motherfucking chips
    Yellow lives matter
    The fact that Tyrone didn't have any piss despite the fact he wanted to jizz all over Wok haha.
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  10. This is cutting edge
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  11. "O Wok didn't know you puff puff" LMAO
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  12. It's like that episode of South Park, "How to Eat with Your Butt." Yeah, it's stupid, but it's fucking hilarious.
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  14. thanks bro
  15. good looks bro
  16. Keep it up dude, and if you make more episodes make them a tad more offensive and a tad more raunchy
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  17. The idea is too piss people off who think too highly of their standards. They are the worst.
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  18. Yeah, what really did offend me on a personal level, though, was the fact that this entertainment piece wasn't offensive enough.
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  19. BUT make sure it's still funny. I've seen things that are incredibly raunchy and offensive, but just not funny.
  20. thanks you guys! were def tryn 2 push the limit with it. we were gana make it more detailed but decided to keep it simple that way well get away with way more. were just a small team of 4 making it in our spare time between jobs

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