New Career Goal: Massage Therapy?

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    Not asking for advice for my life, but I'm curious how people think it would be, to become a massage therapist?  I'm a guy btw.  I already like giving massages, and all my girlfriends always loved it.  On my own back & neck I'm always trying to get rid of muscle tension.  Being a massage therapist seems like a really natural job actually.  
    What do you guys think of this job?  If nothing else, it would be relaxing, right?  lol  No stress.  
    For about a year I was considering going into radiology, with the idea of being an X-ray guy, but lately I'm thinking of how stressful that whole job must be lol.  People getting X-rays are all going to be nervous and worried about their health issues, for example.
    Massage Therapy seems entirely more enjoyable lol.  What do you guys think?  


  2. My friend is a massage therapist, she loves her job.
  3. Lol the only advice I have is don't put your applications in at a "happy endings" massage parlor or you'll be in for quite the surprise.
  4. No more input from anyone?  Wow lol.  The more I consider this, the better it seems.  Massaging people with relaxing music all day, sounds good to me lol.  

    What jobs do you guys think are relaxing / enjoyable jobs???
  5. I don't know "facts" about massage therapy, but I would assume you'd probably need to be better than average looking to be a male massage therapist. Or not, who knows.
  6. This sounds like a good idea. buddy of mine has a friend doing the same thing, he is following through and seems to enjoy it. Just make sure the clients don't talk about how shitty their lives are while you are giving a massage and there will be no stress and drama. lol. what about being a chiropractic afterwards? also, i bet you can rent a cool spot in a salon with that job and meet some cool ppl who can hook you up with hair-cuts and other salon-like things (whatever those are)
    LOL  Yeah IDK if that would really be a factor or not.  I get what ur saying though.  I am decently good-looking, and what's probably more important, I'm lean and strong, so my arms & hands are good at massage.  
    So yeah I guess I think I'd fit in such a place, doing massages all day.  I'm not the kind of guy that ppl will think I look creepy or something LOL!  

    Lol and thanks for the response.  Yeah the idea of enjoying the training and the work, is really what gets my interest.  
    Chiropractors?  Maybe.  I've gone once and I didn't like it.  I had a stiff back which was still stiff afterwards, plus I didn't like him snapping my head around lol.  
    Salon-like perks:  lol  I know what u mean though.  And I don't know what they'd be either lol.  But yeah, maybe discounts for haircuts and I go tanning too, so maybe stuff like that lol.  
    Plus not only would the location be cool, but the clients are probably cool too.  People who are stressed out and coming to me to help relax.  I picture this as the lowest-stress job possible lol.  
  8. If porn is any indicator, I would think that being a male masseuse would be a great job!
  9. It may take a while to build up a strong client base so you might have to work like 2-3 jobs at once but I say go for it.
  10. Do you mean that u picture I'd have to do massage therapy at more than one place, or are you saying I'd have to work some random job at McDonald's or something?  lol  
  11. Like you should have some clients on the side for therapy, while working another job anywhere to help pay the bills. My cousin worked at a restaurant as a chef and still does I think while building up more clients.
  12. op funny story my couzins a massage therapy he tells me 40 percent of the women who come want more than just a massage ahahahahaha like he said some chicks get naked in the room and shit but u have to be careful because some will snitch
  13. LOL  Oh shit I never even thought of that.  lol
    Yeah I'm not trying to be a male prostitute here.  lol  
    I do enjoy meaningless hook-ups though.  So...  ???

  14. could be an opportunity to get with milfs and middle aged women lmfao he got a sugar mama from it btw
  15. Actually the fatal flaw with this career goal, might be that there's no demand for massage therapists?
    IDK.  Talked to my mom and she was like, who the fuck is going to pay $45 for a 30min. massage.  lol  She was all doom-and-gloom about how no one is going to pay so much for a massage, except like once a year or something lol.
    But yeah IF there's any demand for the job then it seems like the nicest job ever lol.  
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    Sadly enough most massage therapist's are classified with prostitution nowa days.. enless you manage to get a job at a high end spa or resort. Then I could see it payin off especially being a man..
    My best advice would be while your training looking at places like cancun, or Jamaica ect...
    I jus got back from cancun not long ago. I hit that spa up daily.
    Most of those people live at the resort also.
    Food for thought...
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    ive thought about doin this to but man idk if i can handle fuckin with peoples feet. i mean if they're takin car of and look ok i dont think it would be a problem but im still iffy. feet are such a big deal to me i wont date a girl with ugly toes and shit
  18. hard labor, rough on the hands.
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    Massage = hard labor?  Nah man lol.  I love giving massages.  I think the jobs that fuck up ppl's hands & arms are computer jobs, or carpentry jobs, etc.

    Lol yeah I guess I assume that most clients would make a point of being clean, if they want someone to touch their back lol.  I never thought about touching anyone's feet though lol.  *shrugs*
    Yeah thanks; Maybe I should have mentioned that I do want to stay in the same small city so I do need to consider the local demand...
    OTOH I know I'd enjoy the training, plus if I ended up with only a couple clients, so what?  lol  I could get another job elsewhere, too. So the more I thought about it, lack of demand=so what?  lol  

    ALSO I just thought of this:  Even if there is low demand:  I would STILL have the studly job title of being a licensed massage therapist, for the rest of my life lol.  I know that SOME women would be impressed to hear that and want me to massage them lol.  

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