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  1. GHetto cardboard stealth grow box. This is my first grow.
    Specifications: Week 3

    L;9" W;15" H;15.5"
    Three 42 watt cfl bulbs
    Mylar on walls
    One intake pc fan
    Strain; Purple Kush from seedling

    I am currently a little past three weeks, the fourth comming on Sunday. I have been feeding it 6.0 ph water. Used a fox farm soil from hydro store. Topped it for the first time yesterday. Feel free to comment in.(error on uploading pics)

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  2. Some more pics.


  3. Haha! Another cardboard growbox. For a ghetto rigged box urs is actually pretty neat.

    Your plant looks a bit stretched though, you should bring it closer to the light. And you should transplant it to a bigger pot ASAP. Your plant looks quite small for 3 weeks, I think it is rootbound.
  4. Its without a doubt root bound, it probably has been for a week and a half id say transplant and trim the roots a tad they love that.
  5. Shall do, thanks! More posts comming this weekend.
  6. It has also had some light-stress because of the folks.
  7. Just transplanted into a new pot.


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