New CARBONITE bong with activated carbon disc MILK PICS

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  1. Hey i got two different Activated Carbon disc. One acts like an ashcater and i have a bigger one that attaches to the top of my phire bong. Has a "CARBONITE" logo on it. This thing is awesome. Fuck tree percs there so much drag. With this theres no drag and you get the smoothest smoke ever.

    They really make the smoke much smoother, i dont feel like im going to cough after taking a big hit. I do notice that i dont get as much taste with the carbon filter but i taste enough so its not a huge deal.

    My question is how do i clean it? Ive herd to soak it in alcohol. I've already cleaned my a/c with some glass cleaner with salt it in and just risned out all of the salt with hot water. I read that running water threw the carbon disc will clog it after i did it but it seems to be cleaned and still works amazing.

    Anyone know the best way to clean it, should i just soak it in alcohol and then let it sit out?

    Thank you.

    PICS- This bong is thick as fuck too, you can see in the milk shot:smoke:

    DSCN1540 by KottonmouthStoner, on Flickr

    DSCN1541 by KottonmouthStoner, on Flickr

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  2. Looks like a great idea. Does that keep your piece pretty clean?
  3. watch out now.

    Your gonna piss off a bunch of glass snobs if you try to let everyone know that there hundreds of dollars worth of glass diffusion is worthless in the face of 7 dollars worth of carbon

    I laugh at every single person here that thinks there "stemline" or gridded this or gridded that is filtering more than carbon.

    Great piece by the way, never knew they had mouth piece carbon discs.
  4. legit son, that's some fancy shit right there. :smoke:
  5. Thank you, it does rip no drag what so ever. And the ashcather keeps your glass crazy clean. Now after awhile you do get some resin but its a lighter resin stain and it takes awhile for it to effect it.

  6. yeah man

    I only use on carbon filter with activated carbon stones, and it takes FOREVER for resign to build up in my bong.

    I've been using my filter for so long that I forgot how dirty it really is for you to smoke without it.

    Just for shits and giggles I decided to not use my filter for a week.

    And within a week, it was dirty than my bong had ever been i monthes without washing and using a carbon filter >___>
  7. haha ya man shit does keep it really clean. ill take a pic and you can see on the a/c where all the resin just stops before the stone. its pretty sweet
  8. Dam, so what exactly does that thing do?

    I've never heard of anything like this, that's fucken dope!

    edit: how much did it run you?
  9. looks legit, but i do think youve been smoking the wrong tree percs, ive got a couple sheldons with trees and they are dragless : )
  10. yeah maybe, my problem with tree percs is they break to easy too. any one of my friends who ever had a tree prec including myself they break the first time there knocked over. Mine was a no name locally blown bong so that may have something to do with it but any bong ive tryed with a tree perc drags like a bitch. same with my 6 arm pre cooler, but it does make the smoke smooth.
  11. the carbon filter is suppose to make the smoke cleaner, by taking out the tar resin etc. The guy at the head shop said its almost as clean as vapeing it. The a/c also keeps all the ashes out of your bong and keeps it really clean while adding smoothness to your hit.

    The whole set up ran me about 300$ with the bong the top filter and the ash-cater.
  12. Dam, not bad. You have any idea how much the top filter costs on its own?

    Ima look into it a little more, but definitely thinkin about gettin somethin like that.
  13. well the sticker price for the top filter was 150$ but thats at a headshop im sure you could talk it down to atleast 120$ i got it for 100 cause i got the hole set up.

  14. personally, I would never recommend anyone getting that top filter.

    why spend 150 on a filter that lets your entire bong get dirty, when you can spend 25 on a filter in the correct position, and keep your entire bong clean.
  15. Are carbon filters worth it? Is the smoke much smoother? My mindset is that I want everything I can get out of my herb, but I want to know how well carbon works.
  16. i think it works really well makes the smoke so smooth and no drag at all
  17. Off topic but is that spiderman holding a lax stick in your shirt. And sick setup by the way lol
  18. So you're saying there is a significant difference between say, a regular straight tube, and a straight tube with a carbon filter smoothness wise? My pieces don't have any drag problems
  19. i thinkk it works amazing. it takes out all the harmful shit out of you smoke (so i herd) kind of like vapeing it. to me its like getting a bong with a perc in it thats a 100$ more but theres no drag in it. but thats just my option

    so far i love it. the a/c keeps my bong really clean and the smoke feels really smooth
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    lol the shirt is abk holding a gun its a rapper from psychopathic records

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