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New Camera Suggestions Needed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dank_Head, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. im getting a new camera tomorrow mainly for bud pics, im in need of suggestions on what took look for in the camera for the best grade of pictures. probably wont want to spend over 250$ but please leave advice! thanks
  2. I got this thing called Creative and it works really well the focus works nicely, it's a webcam but if you only need it for pics to put on the comp or something then it works great, i got it for christmas once and it was like 40 bucks methinks..
  3. Well if storage isn't your main concern you want to go for the highest possible RESOLUTION (pixels)

    Also don't be fooled by digital zoom it will just make you picture bigger (thus lower the resolution)
    GO FOR THE OPTICAL ZOOM, because then your camera will actuall zoom in using the lens, so you get a zoomed in picture with full RESOLUTION.

    REMEMBER its about he RESOLUTION and the differnce between optical and digital zoom.

    Also if you will be taking closeups make sure your camera has some sort of manual focus, if it is purely auto focus you might have trouble getting the close-ups.

    Hope this helps, get that camera and post us some pics!!!
  4. yea im lookin for a camera for other things to like to travel with and take pics anywhere needed. its basically gunna be a family camera although i'll be pretty much the only one using it. thanks for the reply though many are needed
  5. I have a Casio Exilim 6 megapixel. It's what I take all my pics with. I paid $350 for it in early 2006, now they make a 10.1 megapixel for $350.
  6. yea im lookin around for a 10 megapixle with macro setting
    im gunna need to learn how to use the focus, ive never really been into cameras before but it would help to know a little bit for the bud pictures
  7. You can get a real descent camera for that price range... I suggest cannon, Nikon, and about $200 should get ya a macro mode, but just double check for that.. Another good feature is the ability to control flash strengths as that will allow you to get up close, and lower your flash if needed. Sometimes the flash can blow things out, but if at the proper strength is also great for getting detail. That's also pretty common in cameras above $200 these days but just double check.
  8. Cropping bud shots that were originally 6MP+, makes it so you don't have to try and get so close that the photos become unfocused. Just keep about 6-8 inches away snap some good focused pics and crop them.

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