New camera (puppy,dank, bunch of pics)

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  1. this is my first digital camera and i love it so far!:hello: its very easy to use and the acsesability with the computer is just so cool hahahah. i thought id take some pics of my favorite girl in the whole world aka coco she a boxer about 10 weeks old. theres also some pics of some pickups that ive been saving ( im on week 1 of a 3 week tolerance break) and a random smoke trick we call the octopus





    kinda looks like crimera blue doesnt it ^^^^^^

    got the bud for free
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  2. oops i thought i resized a lot better my fault. oh well it makes the bud look good
  3. cute pup

    and that second bud got some crazy hairs
  4. awwws!! PUPPEH!!

    i love the lil dot on her that where her name came from??

    she looks mad cuddly...i wanna snuggle!! i love how cuddly big puppehs are
  5. beautiful boxer...i was planning on getting a brindle one but i think ill stick to white now.
  6. mmm that weed looks good bro
  7. mmm that dog looks dank bro.
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  8. How'd you know skittlette?:D hahah im cheesin right now. but yeah as soon as we saw her coco just popped up. i love boxers and pits especially white pups. Brindle is a close second but whites always gonna be in my heart. My last dog teddy (jah bless his soul) was boxer and pit mix and i swear was the most genuine and loving dog that has ever lived. he was all white with a little brown spot on his right eye. its almost like coco is him reincarnated into her. its kinda weird but i can feel teddy in her. she does all of his old habits especially when im riding my skateboard when running with her. thanks for all the love gc! ill try to get action shots up when im skating with her.
  9. yeah..all the bad rep the "aggressive" breeds get is because of people that dont kno how to raise them...

    devs parents have a blue pit..hes GORGEOUS and still a puppy at only 5 months old...but they dont kno how to train dogs and have nvr had a dog *let alone a pit* a from a hes got manner issues and we fear that hes going to get aggressive since they dont "lay down the law" with their dogs and kinda let them all dot heir own thing...hes mad smart tho...and is learning *slowly since they dont help* to have least with dev and i
  10. i feel ya on that skittlette. Bad reps for the cutest/nicest dogs. could you get pics of the blue pit i would love to see them. my brother and his friends own a pit, all white with big brown cow spots, his names reggie. he and his lady friend ;) just had puppies and theyre starting to raise one of the smaller boys that looks just like reggie. i think the rest of them are at a breeding clinic or some place until people buy them. Thats too bad though they dont know how to handle his bad manners i hope everything goes well for him and he can turn his 'tude around. All puppies are insane though hopefully with time he'll mellow out. Coco is just so mellow and responsive to me and pretty much listens to me like she knows english. When shes with my mom and brother though shes a lot more intense and hyper. But thats what the dog whisperers for right? hahah for real though cesear is very insightful and has a couple beatiful pits of his own. maybe dev and yourself could apply some of his teachings to your little blue bundle of joy.
  11. i think he'll be a bit of a whacko all his life since they just dont kno how to handle him *or their four other dogs* but he looks to's huge pit/lab that we cant take with us damnit!!...and tep is the bestest behaved dog ive ever seen! not with tricks but in temperment..hes wicked mellow unless theres "bad peoples" and at most he'll just sit at your side and growl and be all big unless you say the majic words "sget 'em" then look out mo'fucker!!

    and i do have some nice pix of "fatback" the little blue...they are on the other comp tho and dev is on that playing counter strike..ill get to them later tonight tho...

    if we werent moving in four days..we'd continue helping to train him..but since its not consistent and his parents could give a fuck *they think its cute now since hes still small* i really fear for his future..hopefully tho..he'll learn on his own...doubtful since, as im sure you kno...pits and boxers and the like need to be broken into learning their spot in the pack...hes going to get dominant aggressive and freak out once he hits puppy puberty...i can already see it,. but maybe then his parents will learn

    ive tried to tell them how to do it the rite way..ive had to raise a whole mess of puppies from a whole range of breeds..o well tho...

    and yeah..that dude is the shit when it comes to dogs!! ive seen his show and man..some of the dogs he's handled..insane...
    ive used a bunch of his and that chick from "its me or the dog" on my own pooch...shes soo well behaved its not even funny
  12. i was gonna suggest irfan view for basic editing of the photos and resizing but i guess i know how after i read ur first post. i usally go 800x600 jpg quality of 80
    hes now roughly 5 months old

    at just under 1 month old

    roughly 1 week feeding him his buba
    him just this past month...hes such a handsome boy..but damn is he trouble..lolz


    hes always got such dopey faces
  14. Wow! what a beautiful dog! i can tell he's trouble from the pictures hahaha. he looks like he's scheming up some sort of sinister puppy plot in recent pictures. Could be one of the cutest puppies ive ever seen though his eyes just melt me inside:D. it'll be hard leaving him to be trained on his own but good luck with moving, i just had to help my brother move, to say the least it was a pain but followed with plentiful rewards :smoking:
  15. for real ur dog is raww that makes me want a dog. im gona get one when i move out hopefully.
  16. Cute dog! DirtyBongWater had one just like it, if I remember correctly.


    By the way, what make and model is that camera? Professional interest, strictly.
  17. yeah..hes got them grey eyes to match his in actuality hes a very valuable pit..if only they knew what they had...everytime they take him somewhere ppl are always asking if hes for sale..if only they knew they could probably get him for close to 1k

    his dad is a red..again with matching eyes and his grandaddy is a blue just like him..hes got a ridged back and that awesome big mouth...hes already about the size of our pit lab...only a few inches shorted at the hes gonna be BIG

    yeah, hed be a great dog if broken proper, you kno, and as i keep saying..hopefully he'll learn himself or one of the other dogs will break him down so that he doesnt get hate t hear about him attacking someone that got too close to his people and had to have him put down..itd be a waste

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