New Camera + Bud Pics

Discussion in 'General' started by Shouse1018, May 30, 2006.

  1. where's the Bud Pics?
  2. It wasn't the same model, but i used to have a Canon Power Shot, very good bang for your buck.

    Almost fully manual, lots of freedom with your style and capture. some great macro on it too.
  3. it's comin, gotta upload them to
  4. nice cam

    so i guess theres nothing left of your weed then?:p
  5. How much was that camera? Im startin to look around for one myself.

  6. Shit, that weeds gone now.

    I only paid 199.99
  7. Yeah, my husband just got that cam, it kicks ass. He got it at a A&B Sound sale, he paid $120 for it. Something was missing as to why the price was so low, cause I'm a stoner, I forget what this piece was , its was like $30 I remember that, but what the hell - it works now he got a good deal. :p
  8. Those look like some pretty good close-ups. Does that camera have a macro mode? If so, snap some pictures with it on at different distances and see what works for you. Dank buds by the way, too. :smoking:
  9. Wanna know something funny?

    The main reason I got a digital camera was to take pictures of my herb so I can post

    them here, lol.

  10. AND..theres nothing wrong with that! lol. cheers. :bongin:
  11. I think it was a Powershot A90, but that's just from the old memory.

    And it was about $350 or so, and this was a couple years back.
  12. nice camera and nice bud man
  13. My Wife just informed me that my "package" has just come in. I got some

    BubbleGum that I ordered last week from a certain site.(my last thread got deleted

    by a Mod :mad:, my fault though) My wife doesn't smoke, drink or anthing and she said

    when she opened the airtight packaging it Reeeeaaaakeeeeddd. She said it's

  14. Out of curiosity, what does your lady think of you smoking?
  15. She doesn't understand why I smoke. She's learned to accept it though.

    She's the greatest. I wouldn't be who I am today had God not blessed me with such

    a wonderful wife.

    That's her on the left and her cousin on the right

  16. You married??
  17. No, haha, I guess i have what most people would call commitment issues.

    Me and my girlfriend have our fair share of issues, we're semi long-term, but I think we both know that marriage isn't a smart idea.

    I don't want to say i don't care about her in that way, because I really do. We're very on/off and though i really do love her, we couldn't sustain a marriage. We can't even live together more than a couple days without getting on eachothers nerves. We'll inevitably break up, we both have come to that conclusion recently, but we have fun while we can, enjoying and learning what we can from eachother.

    I suppose I haven't met the right girl. And not to berate anybody else and their significant other, but I don't feel I NEED another person to share my life with. Then again, I've admitedly never found somebody that i feel i could live with the rest of my life. Maybe someday.

    And might I say, hopefully without offending you, you have a very beautiful wife.

    It's really almost inspiring that you've found somebody to dedicate yourself to. Best wishes to both of you!
  18. Yeah man. I know all about them commitment issues.

    It's soo weird. One day i was your regular hormone driven teen. I went

    from having a different girl every other week to a 4 year commited relationship.

    All in a blink of an eye it seems.

    That's how i knew she was the one. I would always make it a point to break up

    with a girl if I felt i started to actually like her. With Amy, damn man, I couldn't get

    enough. I pretty much knocked down my own wall and built her a bridge so she

    could cross.

    Nodbody NEEDS another person to share life with. But what's life worth if you have

    no one to live through it with? I wouldn't stress it though. You'll find that special

    someone, someday. I used to say "I'm trying to find the right girl, but in the mean

    time, I'm having fun with all the wrong ones"

    Thank you, she is a hottie. Finding the right Woman is probaly THE most

    Fullfulling experience God enables us to have.
  19. I've got the Canon Powershot A95 5 Megapixel. It works great i really like it. Researched for a long time before i bought it..allllways research.:)

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