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  1. well, since the little lad can't type this intro himself...

    i got a brindle pit puppy, and he's the cutests! (that's becuase i've been lucky enough to keep him from pooing inside). i haven't thought of a name for him yet. his personality is giving me an R vibe.
  2. raskel maby? personaly i like the name buster for a dog. dogs make the best pet.
  3. (that's becuase i've been lucky enough to keep him from pooing inside).

    CALL HIM .....LUCKY!!! :D :D :D
  4. welcome to the board,

    no poo inside, can i get one?
  5. find a name for the dog yet? dogs are awsome i also like fish. i have like 42032897537893987 fish and one dog. lol
  6. Yeah, did you name your puppy yet?

    I love animals. I have 1 dog-Chance, 1 cat-Kitty, 4 snakes-Blanca, Fang, Cleopatra and Caesar, 2 turtles-Buddha and Zen, 3 frogs-only one is named-Fat Bastard, a salamander, and 2 fish. No, 3 fish if you count the algae eater.

    Damn. That's too many animals and I'm housing a monitor for a while to try to tame it. It sounds like a pet shop but my house still smells real good. Of course, incense may help.

    I bet your puppy is adorable. Several of my friends have pits but they are all red. I don't think I have ever seen a brindle pit around here. Chance is 1/2 lab and 1/2 boxer. I picked him from a huge litter and some of them were solid brindle, in fact the one I wanted was brindle.

    Good luck keeping the poo out in the yard. No chocolate for Easter, get him a stuffed rabbit-that does say stuffed NOT real!!! ha ha ;)
  7. sorry i was away for that long.

    i did name him. Parker, for peter parker. but.. since i got him he's pooped in the house. BUT.. he's a very smart puppy, and is already getting the concept of letting me and my bf know he has to go to the bathroom (outside).

    he responds to three words. no (when he WANTS to), his name, and "git em". ha ha. i bought him toys and more toys, and he loves to "git em". except when did the cat become a toy? hmmm...

    i have two cats, smudge and china and another dog, dusty. i love animals. ooo... this reminds me of a piece i once read. if i find it i will post it!
  8. Parker! Cool. Pet them all for this very high animal lover, please. :D

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