new buds flaking off plant!!help!!!

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  1. i think i got a problem with my plant. its about 3 and a half weeks into flowering and the buds have started flaking off when the plant is touched even a small bit, theres also load of green dust everywhere.
    its an MK ultra and im using sensi bloom part A and B on it at the min. the top of it is very close top the light and is burning a small bit but the light cant go any higher.could this be the problem?
    its my first time growing and everythings gone ok till now.
    any help would be much appreciatied.
  2. pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics


    and welcome

    oh, and, bend the tops of your plants if they're too close

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    yes bend and tie them down like above poster.. also if ur growing in soil, make sure its well watered my first attempt at indoor when my plants where budding was the soil would dry up everyday cus they need a ton of water, anyways the whole pot of dirt was getting to dry id sit there for half hour spraying the top with a spray bottle jus so the water would semi leach through.and then i could poor the water on but it never totally absorbed and ran around the pot and down the bottom and on my floor,i ended up pulling my plants but i was also using a 1000w hps also heat was an issue with the soil drying up...(id say start again and use a deep water culture system its easy as shit to use and u can never get dried out unless u never water it and alot of people agree you get the fastest growth from it.. good luck
  4. cheers for the reply, ill try an get my hands on a camra somwhere before the days out.the plant looks perfectly healthy though, ill be mighty pissed off if it dies man.
  5. did u ever get that cam? lol

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