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new bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by vans1816, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. new 1/8 + got a new lighter and ashtray the ashtray is pretty sweet cus i can open it and throw my seeds and stems in it :D:D and the staw only in there to make spliffs or w e u call them that u put at the end of a j or blunt + and thats my bowl b4 it broke a couple days ago:(

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  2. some ok mid...hope you didn't get over charged....enjoy the smoke
  3. That bud look gross but I would smoke it. I've been smoking too much purple lately.
  4. Haha yeah I gotta agree, it looks kind of stale and stuck together/mashed. Still smokable though; me and my friend got some shit that looks alot like that hahah. We only use it when we don't have good shit.
  5. the weeds not bad considering i smoked a bowl with my waterbong and got a good buzz going
  6. The pics are just not focused enough on the bud for people to see. Looks like some fake KB to me, stuff that gets you a good high- while not quite the DANK - is still way more worth it for the price of about $10 a gram. Wish I had a connect for that again.
  7. It looks straight to me man. Its so far away I cant really tell though.
  8. sry ya my camera is shit if i try to get in any closer it just turns into a blur o ya that thats a couple bowls short of an 1/8 i paid 15 for it hope im not getting riped off what do u guys think worth 15 or no

    edit= idk in the pic it doesnt look like alot of bud
  9. vans, your avatar scares me man.
  10. ^haha yea it kinda creeps me out too.

    Vans: Naw man. If your payin 15 an 8th for that than its all good. That would go for $20 on average around here
  11. I bet that's a real good deal for the money... nice mellow high or somethin'
  12. Good deal for $15 an eighth. Enjoy.

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