New bud :-)

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by sixer, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. just picked up this bud today. Its about a gram and a half. bought a 3 for $40 with a friend.

    She said it was medicinal bud, but im really not sure about it, but either way its pretty damn dank.

    anyways, i was wondering, do you think it actually could be medicinal bud?

    here is a pic of it

  2. dont know if its medicinal, but it looks good nonetheless
  3. Looks chronic enough to be medicinal, ask highgurly420 shell prolly be able to tell more than us that dont have access to medicinal weed. YYou know HighGurly420 if its up to par
  4. dont know if its medicinal..... but it sure does look damn good. lotsof hairs.

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