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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ludachris, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. picked up an 1/8 today, shits not too bad. paid $20.
    heres a pic with comparison - keep in mind i did smoke a joint and 3 or 4 bowls b4 i took the pic.

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  2. same bud with a flash

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  3. looks pretty good. nice orange hairs..... not too crystalized, but they never look that way in pics......nice weed. looks like what i got now pretty much.
  4. looks pretty good man...nice hairs
  5. looks good.........hows it smoke?...........20 an 1/8 for that sounds good.........
  6. it smokes pretty good. only smoked one joint so far, mostly bowls to conserve. the high lasts about an hour and has an indica feel to it
  7. ahhh. i hate offense. i just dont like it. the shit i got now is awsum! it is soo kool. it is def. sativa, and makes me wanna run around.... lol today my mom thought i was high (i was......) and told me to walk a straight line not looking at my feet. my heart was pounding and i dont think i did too well...i was so shaky, but i dont care if she knows..... i got court on friday that i gotta worry more about.
  8. i enjoy a nice sativa high... more of a controllable energetic kinda high..... but i also do enjoy a nice bowl of indica every now and than i enjoy that jus stone cold no movment chill feeling.... but i wouldnt be able to live life on jus indica's lol id be sleepin all day no doubt.

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