New Bubbler

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  1. [​IMG]

    Not the greatest picture but you get the idea. Picked up for $25.
  2. Math homework sucks.

    Nice bub dude
  3. Nice deal for $25 for sure man.
  4. Ha i'm pretty sure it's economics. Great pickup for a great price though.
  5. haha yeah it's econ, not math. thanks guys
  6. sweet piece bud
  7. dude, thats like exactly what ive been looking for. did you happen to order it online?
  8. I prefer to use a single chamber bub 2 chamber are a bitch to fill and carry around if you want more water get a bong but bubblers are my favorite tokin tool
  9. Sweet bubbler.

    Do you guys find bubblers of that size to be portable (in a pocket) or no?
  10. this one fits in pants pockets that are big, but otherwise i've been using a backpack to carry it around. i got it from my local headshop, not online.
  11. sweet bubbler

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