New Bubbler!

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  1. This is my first glass. let me know what you think. for 38 bucks i didnt think it was bad. oh and i am also open to names :smoking:

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  2. Thats a nice little bubbler you got there. I especially like how the down stem is perculated
  3. Perced stem very nice. Bet it hits very smooth

  4. that would be diffused, not percolated. I dont even know if percolated is a word. But i know that usage is incorrect.
  5. Hey bro you got a pretty sweet deal on that bub, Especially with that diffused stem!!!!
    Before i saw that i really liked the shape, and the angle of the bowl seems absolutly perfect. It looks like a comfortable fit too. ;)
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    Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I like the diffused stem but haven't had a chance to try it out. It is pretty comfy except the carb is on the front but no biggie. The bowl is huuuge. I'll get a vid and or pic when I'm able to use it. Keep em comin still open to names!
  7. Got my words mixed up. you know what marijuana can do to your spelling
  8. haha i like how the milk in the back says jiggly wiggly. U should name it that
  9. nice my budds had the same one. Pretty popular bubb around our smoke shops
  10. nice the down stem is diffused and it is very low something all people should want a down stem that almost touches the bottom
  11. Let me tell u guys, it hits smooooothe. I am tanked
  12. 38 bucks for any bubbler with a diffused downstem is great buy! :hello:

    very nice first piece:smoking:
  13. Awesome piece man. :D
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    Thanks guys! I love it. Since the carb is on the front and when you hold it u feel like u holding a gun so I was thinging 'Colt 45'? What do yall think?

    EDIT: sorry for any gramatical errors, in wrecked :)
  15. Piggly Wiggly: Convenient store usually located in the south. Comparable to 7-11 or Wawa.

    I wish I had a Piggly Wiggly by me :(

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