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  1. This is my favorite piece yet. I broke my old sherlock bubbler this morning:mad:. It was right after I smoked some ak-47 so I had smoe mixed feelings lol, but I saw it as an opportunity to take a trip down to my local head shop. Saw this guy for $80 and I scooped it up. Would have gotten a double chamber but they were just a bit too expensive for what I wanted to spend today.



  2. love the coloring, nice find and good price for that piece of art!
  3. Damn thats nice, i like the design and how teh chambers are attached but it looks like it might be kind of awkward to hold. Anyway i got my dub bubbler for around $80 but that was after quite a bit of haggling.
  4. I didn't do any haggeling for it or the others, but this thing packs a punch. I just lit up a bowl and almost cashed it in 1 hit, coughed for like 10 mins haha. We decided to call it Mr. Melon because it looks like the outside of a watermelon.
  5. bump, any more ideas for names?
  6. Holy shit I'm not even high yet and I fucking love this thing. I hate sidecars, and this is the first one I've ever seen that I'd like to smoke out of. That is such a nice bubbler...way better than most double bubs I've seen. Congrats on a beautiful purchase.
  7. Damn a side car!

    Name it while you're high.
  8. wat an amazing bubbler. i am reallllly liking the colors
  9. orgasmic bubbler...
  10. just noticed the bottle rockets in the background, have fun haha

    and its crazy wat 80 bucks can get u in different head shops in different states, a bub like that here would b like 150
  11. thanks guys, I actually thought $80 may have been too high, guess not. Ha tea there are some little dynomites outside the pic, it's all I got left, used all the mortars and roman candals.
  12. damn thats a nice bubbler, Something like that would have caught my eye, for $80 you can't go wrong
  13. omg the rips this thing produces are crazy! I smoked a bowl yesterday and coughed like I was trapped in a burning house, for a second I got really scared of choaking lol, every time I tried to take a breath it got forced out before it could get to my lungs, but I recooperated and took another, smaller, rip :D
  14. Im just going through old threads and nice bubbler man
  15. trippy shape, as for it yourself its more unique
  16. Don't know how I passed this thread up in MAY, haha. Well regardless, I can comment now:

    Nice bub, definitely not like anything I've seen before. Cool shape, design, and color scheme. $80's a straight price for that, although it'd be nice if you threw something in the pics for size reference, but it's aight. Enjoy ripping out of it!
  17. very nice bub there, I like the colors and design.
  18. Oh I almost forgot, I named it Mr. Melon because he looks like a watermelon
  19. You already named it on the first page. Probably high, you are.

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