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  1. Well it's my first bubbler, nothing to fancy or expensive... but i LOVE it:hello:.
    Went into the smoke shop in Temecula I had never been in before, saw this it, liked it, saw the price tag and it was instantly mine. 30 bucks well spent.

    Picture quality is not the best, but my phone is the only camera i have.

    So like I've never posted pics on these forums and it is prooving to be a task to tough for me. did not want to bother with Photobucket/imageshack because they will just delete them. So here are link of my pics to the grass city gallery. *crosses fingers in hopes of it working*
  2. nice pick up dude. Thats actually alot like mine just a diffrent color and i picked mine up for 30 bucks to mabey the same brand??? well if its the same brand than you wont be disapointed. i dropped mine the other day and it didnt even get a chip. hope it suits you well.
  3. is the high any different from normal pieces? ive never smoked out of a bubbler before. and temecula has some damn good wrestlers -_-
  4. nah its not any diffrent really. its a much smoother hit than a normal pipe. il never smoke dry again now that i have two wet pieces. the only downfall is having to fill it and drain it all the time.
  5. nice job! 30 bucks is a great buy for that sexy piece. :smoke:
  6. I had never smoked out of a bub either, but so far I haven't noticed a big difference in the high.
    I did notice if I get lighter taste I get a small headache.

    Im not to sure about their wrestlers though..
  7. I quite like that bubbler man.
  8. If you live in Temecula the 45min/hour drive is definitely worth it to come out to the shops in san diego.
  9. what are some good shops in SD?
  10. nice piece bro, im gonna be looking for a bubbler this weekend to add to my collection.
  11. that also looks a little bit like the one i bought over the summer exept the colors are a bit different and i have a little pic of jimmy hendrix the on front of the mouth piece.

  12. I would also like to know about any good headshops in SD! I live in Riverside and I don't really know of any shops around here except one which isn't that great.
  13. actually i live in San Diego county:D(Encinitas), but I was with some homies and went to a headshop to look at stuff, ended up leaving with this beuty.

    this weekend im probably going to head down to PB and scope some of the shops

    thanks for all the positive feedback
  14. Thats an amazing bubbler I'm also gettin that similar piece this weekend. Hows it hit? And how big is it?
  15. I can take pretty fat rips out of it :cool:

    wish i had a ruler.. but its 2and 1/5th bic lighters tall....
  16. Got the same one, sept mine is blue and orangeish and then the bottom has a random white spot.

    Mine cost $25, and it hits like a pro. I would reccomend getting a screen though, the hole is definitely wide.

    Oh, and how do you fill yours? I just hold the water in my mouth and push it out through the mouthpiece.

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