new bubbler!

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  1. bought it barely used for 20 bucks :)
    first piece and it hits like a dream


    hello gc :D
  2. Daaaang. I'll buy it off ya for 30 ;)
  3. That's a fucking steal for 20.
  4. That bubbler is honestly worth at least 3 times that much. You got yourself an amazing deal sick piece!
  5. ill buy it for 50! that thing is ILL!
  6. hahaha thanks guys! im going to keep this one for as long as i can though! how awesome would it be in 5 years smoking out of my first piece?
  7. that's your first piece?! damn son thats one sick ass first piece, heady as shit. honestly i feel like in store that would cost upwards of atleast 100 bucks. you got a FUCKING STEAL man. enjoy that shit

    edit: after looking again and again at the pics I am SO damn jealous.

  8. hahaha glad you like it man! after blazing i tend to just stare at it, it never gets boring!
  9. Daaaaamn. That's sick for your first piece.
  10. I'm so jelly
  11. Sweet jebus thats sexy
  12. nice first piece, very nice but even better price.....smoke that shit
  13. Thats fucking sick!! And only 20 bones?! Damn! That's a deal!
  14. Daaaaamn. That's sick for your first piece.
  15. Pretty!! I like it a lot, good job snapping that up !
  16. Sick piece for a sick price! That'd prolly cost around $75+ at a head shop.
  17. :eek:what a steal... enjoy:smoke:
  18. Thats a quality, beautiful piece man and you got it for such a ridiculous price seriously I spent 32 bucks on a bubbler that is really night and has a cool design but no rainbows flying out of it god damn.
  19. damn that was a nice pickup. id pay tripple for a piece like that

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