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New Bubbler with the pics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Funkonaut, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. So this is a bubbler I just bought about 20 minutes ago. It was 79.99 tax included plus a nice bag for it. You can't see them in the pics (although I tried to show it) but there are 3 diffuser holes at the bottom of the stem and it rips like a mothafucka. I'm mega stoned off like 3/4 of a bowl and it's really smooth...very happy with my purchase.

  2. wow.. u paid 80 for that? im sorry thats too much.

    i have a triple chambered bubbler i picked up for 70 flat.. u could have bartered. shit..
  3. I mean...I asked him if he could go 70 for it but he said that he couldn't really hook up the price any of the bubs so I bought it anyways. I guess I could've waited and gone somewhere else, but I figured it would be worth it just to avoid that hassle.

    Also, the double/triple chamber bubblers at this shop were like 100 or more.
  4. i paid 100 for my double bub, and people tell me thats too high, but here in Pennsylvania all the prices are jacked up, especially the bud prices :(
  5. At first glance i would wonder what possessed you to throw down 80 bucks for that. But 3 diffusers? damn.
  6. BTW your house is a fucking mess.
  7. Nah, the house is fine I just don't pick up my cups because i'm a stoner.

  8. Not just the cups bro. in the first pic of what i assume is your kitchen, theres a shoe in front of the fridge, and a CD case on the floor 2 ft. away. Not to mention loads of debris.

    Looks like a great place to party though, and sick bubbler.
  9. No that's part of my room lol that big fridge looking this is actually an air conditioner that's attached to the window. It looks like r2d2 pretty much
  10. Is that a thinkpad t60 you got there?

    Nice bub. 80 is a bit outragous. I paid 35 for mine.

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  11. Yeah dude 80 is a bit much. But I dropped 250 on a sherlock in San Fran that I probably could've picked up cheaper from the blower himself. Don't worry about it, if it's worth it to you then that's all that matters. Are you in a grow room? Why all the darkness? It would be sweet to see the colors!
  12. i love me a good bubbler!

    nice pickup, i havent had the pleasure of hitting a bub in a long time
  13. to the guy that paid 100 for a double bub, I bought a sick one at Venice beach for 35...
    that bub youve got is pretty chill tho, reminds me of the first glass waterpipe anyone got in my little group of stoners.
  14. Come to GrassCity, show everyone how much of a slob you are.
  15. i would not have paid 80 for that, i got my double chamber bub for 40 when my local headshop was going out of biz last year...

    but sicc piece nonetheless
  16. $80 with a nice case doesn't sound bad at all. I bet it looks way nicer in person too, cause that lighting leaves something to be desired. Enjoy that shit.
  17. honestly. $80 is bit too pricey for that. (even with those diffy holes)
    but, the headshop where i live is like that too./ erything is way overpriced. havent bought anything though, i go to the superflea.
    picked this up for $30


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