New bubbler with rosin question.

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  1. Hello got this peice on sale from grass city Grace Glass - Limited Edition Vapor Bubbler with Box Diffuser - Black | Grasscity

    10000% love every thing about it. It puts all my other ones to shame such a good smooth hitter. But I have never done rosin before and this said it came with a nail. I have added some pictures have a few questions maybe some one will know.

    What one is the nail? I want to say the black rim with the tiny holes in it, not sure. Do you need to season a glass nail?

    I tried to put a screen in the one with a hole in it, I couldn't get it to stay for the life of me so thought I ask. I tried to find more info on the pipe but didn't come up with much.


    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. The one with the tiny holes is a bowl not a nail The other one is the dome for the nail. I would check the box it came in and see if the nail is hiding somewhere in it or they might have forgot to put the nail in it
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  3. Thank you think you are correct didn't see this. It's different then some of the stuff I seem. Im looking around now for some information how use this one, I seen like a metal one. They heat that up, and then use a wand to go around in a circle turns into like a vapor. Haven't seen this one before.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  4. You will need a torch and a dabber. They work pretty much the same, ones just domeless and the other has a dome. Heat the nail till it starts to glow then put the dome over it. The rest is the same.
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  5. Thanks, you helped to not throw that out lol. I read some more on it, I get the idea now thanks again.

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