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New bubbler w/ pics of stuff too.!.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cornerthat, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. so i went and picked up this new triple bubbler from the closest head shop, took them a while to get some in, and even longer for one i liked. its colour changing pyrex glass:smoke:

    i got all pictured below plus 4 glass screens for 66 bucks :):smoke:

    Some current smoke; local grown Northern Lights, and the hash is Afgani and smells like heaven:smoke: (old camera with shitty macro)

    smooth like milk :)

    tell me what you think! i bought this after a long week of roofing for cash and its pretty rewarding to sit back with:smoke:
  2. Cool bubbler especially for the price.
  3. damn yo thats exactly what i want my next peice to bee..and sikk price:smoke::smoke:
  4. Nice hash, buds, and bub!
  5. C:

    n the way i look at it the bub was like 40 bucks because that cleaners 10 n blunts are 4 a tube ha,, 2 bux a screen but whos counting

    just ripped the thing :smoke:
  6. +Props.

    Thats the nicest bubbler I've ever seen. Simple, clean and curvy :hello:.

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