New Bubbler Pickup !! (Pics..)

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    Whats up Blades ?
    This past week i took a trip out to Orlando, visiting family and friends. I knew i wanted to get a piece in Florida from before i left. I wanted to get myself a little Christmas present ;) . I also had a budget though, I did not want to spend over $50 because i didn't want to get anything too big because i was going to have to bring it back on the plane with me at the end of the week . So anyway Monday i met up with one of my friends and we took the trip to the local headshop, NY Smoke Shop. The had a pretty large selection of pieces, which made it hard to decide lol.

    So it took me about 30 mins to decide on the piece i wanted to get. The asking price on the piece was $35, but i talked the owner into letting me take it for $30 which i was happy about :hello:. I also purchased a pack of screens for $1. Here are some pics (sorry for quality , taken from my blackberry) :

    Some no name bud i recently picked up when i got back home :

    Overall i rate the piece 9/10 . I think it is thick and heavy, which is exactly what i was looking for. I will re-rate it tomorow when i smoke out of it.

    Also for anyone wondering, i had no problem bring the bubbler on my plane from Orlando to White Plains, Ny. All i did was put it in a sock, and put it inbetween a hoodie that was folded up in my checked luggage. When i got home i checked, it was still there and untouched :D.

    MILK SHOT !!

    This shit rips crazy hits !! Every hit knocks me on my ass :p . Heres a pic of me playing around blowin O's and i couldnt even hold the rest of the hit in aha :
    Great ghost cloud hit .

    Video up maybe later !
  2. Damn I want that piece bro!! Bubblers are fucking awesome
  3. Nice bubbler bro :hello:..looks like solid ass glass piece..bud pics were a little blurry but its cool it still looked pretty good. Enjoy!!

  4. Hey, I just bought a bubbler as well. It's a Tsunami Bubbler that I bought from a local head shop. I love it already!


  5. That looks crazy ! Nice pic up defineatly ! How much it cost you? +1 btw
  6. It cost $100. I went in trying to buy one for about 80 and they only had some light pink bubbler's around that price then I saw this beauty and had to buy it.
  7. Yeaa that's a definite good buy.

    Updated pics up !!!

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