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New bubbler, need help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CannabisVin, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. could someone tell me roughly how long i should let it sit? and pics are coming of this caked soon as i figure out how to get pics from iphone>comp..
  2. Get 91% Iso alcohol, some salt, shake the shit out of it, rinse it, use hot water to get that taste out after. And as far as I know you don't need to be 21 for rubbing alcohol.
  3. got it on the comp. how do i upload it here? must i go upload it to some stupid photobucket type thing?
  4. oh and on the resin, i won't be smoking that haha. if i even end up using it at all it'll be in tea or some kind of edible. it's already been exposed to multiple chemicals (wd-40, alcohol) anyways not sure if i'd trust it even after drying
  5. Still got pics?

  6. This sounds like a pretty good idea actually +rep
  7. Put the big chunks of nugs under downsteam and just smoke them? :hello: free high who cares if it takes nasty stop being a bitch tbh.. :eek:
  8. There's no certain age to buy Iso that I've heard of, at least in Cali. Weird, cuz it's a pretty dangerous substance, It can make you go blind if you drink it, and will fuck up yer lungs if you inhale too much of it.


  9. Yea. Photobucket works, then just put it as an IMG link. Can't wait to see this if it's as big as you're talking
  10. i decided to just give the res to a friend haha i didnt want it, it smelt fuckin gross
  11. Neat looking bub

    I woulda kept resin man. You never know when your going to run out.
  12. Better clean that shit out.
  13. Pics of it clean now?

  14. Download the photo bucket app thats how i post pictures on here from my iphone its free and u just upload from ur camera roll and copy the img code from photbucket app

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