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  1. So a buddy of mine got into blowing glass a few months back and has been trying out some new stuff. He made this shower head bubbler for me last week and wanted me to see how I liked it.

    I think it functions perfectly and is just the right size to sit on my table in the living room. I like the fact that it is compact and gives monster hits.

    It reminds me of my old LW 10-arm mini. Very simple but very effective.

    I took a video of me hitting it to show u how the shower head works. It hits very smoothly and has no drag at all. I didnt take a monster hit in this vid cause I was just testing th ecamera angle and everything. When I saw how the angle was just right I decided to just use this rather than do another take. :D

    [ame=]100 6552 - YouTube[/ame]

    Here are some pics of the showerhead and bubbler.



    Keep in mind that the guy that blew this is BRAND NEW to blowing glass. this is the 2nd bubbler he has ever even made.

    I am interested to hear feedback from this forum. :D

    Thanks for lookin...
  2. nice glass.....take a bigger hit
  3. It looks dope but jeezuz clean her up and make her look presentable to us :D
  4. hahahah that IS spotless as far as Im concerned. :D

    I usually only clean my pieces about once every 2 - 3 weeks. Most of the people I smoke with really dont care how dirty a piece is. As long as it isnt SUPER old and nasty I really dont mind it...

    Here is my attempt at a fatter hit.

    This rip got me really stoned. :D

  5. Nice attempt man, but still not big enough :D hahaha jk man

    Nice bubbler though. May I ask how much you paid and who made it? Also, what slide is that and who made it? :cool:

    Thanks man! :bongin:
  6. That slide was made by Dan at Apix Design. His screen name on gc is smileyagent. He made a A/C for me a while back and I got it with the order.

    My buddy is chargin $100 bucks for bubblers like this. He goes by BrianBishop online.

    He JUST started blowing a few months back though. So he is really new to all of this stuff.
  7. Here is a oil dome the same guy made for me.

    Why wont attachments work???

    Photobucket isnt working either...WTF?
  8. Damn. Photobucket suspended my old account...years of pics that I cant get to now...lame.

    Made a new acct tho. :D


  9. Come at me with some feedback blades. I figured Id at least get some haters. :D

    My buddy is curious to hear what u guys think of his stuff.

    All criticism is welcome.
  10. I say it's damn impressive for only a few months experience.
  11. honestly for being his second bubbler id have to say its pretty dope, i dont know much about glass blowing but i would love to learn how. How long did it take him to learn how to make something like that? Only criticism I could think of is maybe adding a little color, or maybe more compact, besides that looks sick

  12. Dude I love it! I would very well be intersted in purchasing some of his work if I had the oppurtunity.
  13. Thanks for the positive responses.

    I just left his house and he is blowing a cool little mini bubbler with some color in the mouthpiece. Hopefully it turns out good. :D
  14. Tell him to pick up gridding tho, I personally can't stand seeing non gridded slits anymore but that's just my inner glass snob haha.
  15. Ill tell him that. He just learned how to use his saw so he is just experimenting with easy stuff right now..
  16. that bubbler looks similar to the MOmo glasswork's BOOMstack

  17. I just googled that and I agree it does kinda look similar.

    I assure u he just randomly made this. He had no intention of copying ther design or anything.
  18. haha not sayin that at all,

    designs should be shared between brands to advance the progression of functional glass imo.

    that being said, the volume of water in the base combined with the narrowing upper part of the bubbler create for awesome stackage!

  19. Gotya. Yeah I dont know if thats frowned upon or what...

    The thing does stack bubbles really good. He has the same shower head in a larger piece that he blew and it stacks like a sonofabitch too.

    Thanks for your input man. :D

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