New Bubbler from amazon

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  1. real noob question here, but how did you buy it on amazon? like what did you search either i'm real high or i cant find anything on amazon

  2. Bubbler

    that took all of two seconds.
  3. when i search bubbler i dont see any pipes show up

    oh..on that one it works when i go to it doesnt all good

  4. Ohhhhhh, your in canada, okay that makes sense, sorry then.
  5. I just bought a blue one of these last night, I can't wait to get it. $20 is a steal hopefully!
  6. can anyone DM a link to this bubbler? having trouble finding it
  7. Doesn't show up on amazon. New link?

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  8. Great pickup for 20!!! My cousin got the same one and blue and I think he paid 30 or 35 so good piece man lol he broke his though so be careful!!!

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