New Bubbler from amazon

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  1. $20+free 2-day shipping, 7 inches, mad smooth hit. what do ya think

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  2. Damn, $20? Nice.
  3. fucking love amazon
  4. ok its not mad smooth...maybe for 20 it is.. anyways, how thick is the glass, and is it heavy at all?
  5. that's looking nice.

  6. someone is jealous...

    nice pickup OP
  7. or someone is just intelligent enough to come up with some facts, let alone a decent response

  8. Yeah the glass quality obviously isnt that great since it was so cheap but it has a surprisingly heavy weight to it and you can get some seriously large rips. and trust me its way smoother then you'd imagine.

    i always like to buy smoking accessories cheap so that if i drop/break them, i dont take a huge loss. it was my second online bubbler pickup ever and i am quite pleased. ill post a milk shot later tonight
  9. True, well thats good. lets see a milk:)
  10. i have the same exact one lmao xD watch out it gets clogged like a bitch bro

  11. re-read your post twice, i still can't find these "facts" you posted. Oh well who cares, happy toking :wave:
  12. Cheap glass, but that's a steal for $20. Happy tokes!
  13. used my iphone while taking the hit for this pic... its the best attempt at a milk shot while censoring my identity lol. never taken one before either haha

    im merked after like 2 hits. this bubbler is fuckin huge for 20 bills

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  14. yeah i expected that... to clean it do u just do the iso+salt in a bag?
  15. lol you could always just post a video and hide your face like the rest of us do haha. Nice find and happy tokin.
  16. [quote name='"AzizOnDeck"']lol you could always just post a video and hide your face like the rest of us do haha. Nice find and happy tokin.[/quote]

    Ok doing it now lol
  17. just did it in my bathroom. here ya go

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  18. Looks nice man, and a nice price.
  19. milks pretty awesome
  20. For $20 - heck of a find. I used to have a little plastic pocket bubbler which cost more than that...and I'm embarrassed to even remember those days.

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