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New bubbler few questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eclipse996, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. So I recently got my first bubbler and think its pretty damn amazing :smoke:. However I do have a few questions. Currently dorming at college so the only option I really have for storage is my car. I live in New York so its pretty damn cold here too. Was just curious if the coldness of winter affect the bubbler at all. Also how should I store it. I currently have it wrapped up in bubble wrap but im worried about it molding since its going to be in a dark cool place.

    Pretty much any general tips for car storage would be great :hello:. Also trying to keep the smell down.
  2. The cold weather won't cause a problem, just don't fill it with very hot water. After your finished using it try to get all the water out you can and clean it often. Mold should not be a problem if you follow those simple rules.
  3. The glass will be fine in the cold, just make sure there isn't water in it if it's below freezing out, and for that matter if you always clear it out it should be dry enough that the remaining moisture will evaporate, I have a hammer bubbler and haven't had any problems with mold. As far as smell goes, you could pick up a little case for it, or just double bag it in a big ziploc.
    Got any pics of it? :)
  4. Quick temperature changes can cause glass to crack or shatter, so just dont put it from the cold into boiling water, other then that you should be good.

    In fact a cold glass piece can be fun to hit.
  5. if your gonna keep it in your car,dont smoke out of it right away if its cold.
    warm it up in your hands or wait for your heat to kick on and get the car warm.

    ive seen 3 bowls crack,and almost explode from this exact situation.
    also dont keep water in it.

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