new bubbler do you think

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  1. I've got a friend who has been smoking for awhile and really likes bubblers. Her bubbler broke not too long and her birthday is coming up, was wondering if 69 dollars for this bubbler is a good deal
    opinions? also has anyone ordered from chunkyglasspipes?
  2. i had a bad experience with chunkyglasspipes. two weeks after ordering i called them up and got an excuse about moving items around in the warehouse and was told they would ship my order the next day. about a month after my order date still no confirmation email so i called and told them to cancel my order. i didnt loose anything cause they never took the money out of my account which is kind of wierd. personaly i wouldnt use them due to being unreliable and even if you got it it would probably be after her birthday.
  3. damn that bub is hottt
  4. that site is mad sketch, mad heads on this site got jacked from it. i wouldnt recommend them
  5. Check out glassartplus, they have some real nice bubs
  6. NOOOO, WHATEVER YOU DO DONT ORDER FROM CHUNKY! they suck, they always ignore your email, they never send out their product on time, and when they do ITS CRACKED i order two pipes from them and both had cracks they're HORRIBLE
  7. My advice.. order from GC, they've got a good selection and they're not sketch.
  8. thanks i figured it would be too good to be true, i'ma probably check out a few of the local headshops first, I'll post pics when I get one =)

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