**NEW** bubbalublub.

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    so i went to my LHS and picked up this bad boy, cool colors, unique look, 50 bones, glass is real thick.


  2. I'd hit it. Nice pick up man
  3. thanks man. :D
  4. really small but REALLY cool colors
  5. am i the only one who thinks 50 is shitty?
  6. [quote name='"fucking baked"']am i the only one who thinks 50 is shitty?[/quote]

    As a rapper, yes. But as a price for that new piece...its not too bad imo
  7. [quote name='"fucking baked"']am i the only one who thinks 50 is shitty?[/quote]

    No, although I really like the bub 50 seems a bit much, though I would need to hold it to be sure.
  8. its whatever im sure the dudes blazin the fuck out of it right now and he seems happy.

  9. it's not that small, its about 5 inches tall at the bowl and about 4" long
  10. never seen a bub like that befo. looks kewl.

  11. its pretty average for all the shops around me, most of the other bubs were real thin and clear, this one is super heavy and thick, feels really good in your hand.

  12. Yea nice donut looking hammer sherlock? I love odd pieces

  13. its more of a hammer.
  14. ahh dude that things fucking sick! haha
    nice pick up! :DD

  15. thanks dude! :D

  16. See that's small to me. I have a Sherlock worked bub that's about 7.5 tall and its my smallest piece by 7 inch's or so.

    Either way the coloring looks really cool

  17. dope piece dude, whered you go??

  18. place called high altitude in frisco, its that like porn/hippie/headshop in the strip mall by walmart lol. not to bad of a selection though.

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