New Bub

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  1. Heres the new bub i picked up a couple days ago. Need help naming it!!!
    something to do with a snake may be good cause of the top and bottom of the piece. any suggestions?
  2. Name it KAH like the snake from the jungle book!

    Nice bub

  3. Never been good at naming pieces. Two out of my three don't even have names. Looks like a real nice bubbler though. Enjoy! :smoke:

  4. haha, yes, thats great! thanks for the help
  5. "coral"

    the snake has orange yellow black stripes and yours has orange blue and green n black stripes... i wish even i made sense sometimes... crap.

    try cobra...

    the mouthpiece down to the bowl look like an excited cobra snake coning oout of the basket

    damn vicodin fking with me

    meh... nice piece though!
  6. liquid schwartz (from spaceballs)
  7. you should name it your selve or with someone that has smoked from it with you.....and the name will just come to you well you are hi:smoke:

    and it looks like it is going to be a made nice bubbler
  8. Nice. i dont know why but the name komoto comes to mind.
  9. u cant let some else name ur pipe man. u gotta wait a little and once that pipe gets dirty the name will come to u

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