New Bub!!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Ripp3d, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone just picked this up at my local headshop yesturday
    broke it in with some of my friends

    her name is cat in the hat:smoking:

  2. great lookin bub! congrats on the pickup! :)
  3. Really clean looking bub. How much was it, $180 (guesstimate)?

    Looking at peoples bubs on this site makes me so sad thinking of all the ones I used to have. I really need to get another one...
  4. na a little more it was 200 i mean everything around here is a little overpriced but what ever he even through in a free case tho
  5. Damn that thing looks tight
  6. Those are some nice colors, a bit much at $200 but still, a nice piece.
  7. What a BEAUT!
  8. The colors on that thing are amazing,
  9. nice bub but 200$ seems a little steap
  10. yea ik it was but thats how it is around here so its whatever but yea i went into the store then this baby came right at me:)
  11. i hoped you haggled man, 200 is a little steeep, sick ass bub though but i bet you could have got it for 160 easy
  12. that's a beautiful bub. It would have ran $200+ where I'm from.

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