New Bub with inline diffy + Ash catcher + bUdz

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  1. Yo. New to the city. This is my first real post since my intro. Figured I'd show you what I smoke and how I smoke it. The piece I got at a local shop recently mainly because it had an inline diffy. It pulls super smooth. There is almost 0 drag. It has Hopz fogged onto the glass and the people at the shop said it came from the west coast. Grabbed an ash catcher today at another local because the dif gets gunked up pretty quick. Even with it though there is almost no drag. Its like hitting a tiny bong. Plus I love the disk, it makes the smoke swirl. Last two pictures are some regs in my house. Was told it was a purple strain... I dont see it.

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  2. That is a sick setup you've got there man. + rep for that. The bug looks pretty fine too. Enjoy.
  3. Hops is one of the best inline makers in the biz. Nice piece of glass you got there.
  4. I sure hope so. He invented them!
  5. I see a dot of purple on the first pic

    nice piece +rep
  6. touche
  7. that looks amazing. so well crafted, enjoy that :D

    i always wanted to try hitting an imagine it would be very cool, smooth, and easy to pull.
  8. Yeah definitely my favorite bubbler ever. Its the only glass in my possession right now but soon hope to get an illy soon. There are like no shops in my area that carry bongs. Pretty shwag.

  9. it was my understanding that Hops was out of Philly
  10. i didn't know HOPS invented the inline. nice pick up.
  11. and still in philly for that matter.
  12. Yeah I did some research last night. Philly it is.
  13. Hmm I am thinking of picking up hops myself, this pretty much secured it. Too bad the one I want is 375 fuck that is like an ounce I have to really think about this, the 18 version of that pipe.
  14. sick inline, how much did it run for?- if u dont mind me asking
  15. milk pic now.

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