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New BS anti-weed commercial

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DaZEED&ConFuseD, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. have any of ya'll seen the new ant-pot commercial with the parents doing a home pregnancy test for their like 16 year old daughter...... and then its like "they are now the youngest grandparents in town" "then it goes and says "marijuana affects your judgement." Man that can be said about any abused substance. It seems that should be a trojan commercial, which i thought it was. The DEA or whoever funds or supports these commercials should be sued for giving out false and misleading information.
  2. yea man it was on during the superbowl. i dont know who funds it but those commericals are connected with the most bullshit site every. propoganda i hate everything about it. why should someone else tell me what to believe. i hate everyone that does that

  3. I know who funds it. I fund it, you fund it and every other taxpaying American funds it. Which makes it even more bullshit. In fact, I've gotten so fed up with the adds that I have started emailing state reps and senators about my disapproval of wasteing insane amounts of money trying to get America to believe lies. Not that I really expect it to help, but I still feel compelled to express my oppinion, this is a democracy after all, or atleast I thought that was the idea.
  4. my "marijuana tar?" post is about a commercial from the same company or whoever is funding it. i wanna know the STATS. out of 10 girls that get pregnant HOW MANY OF THEM WERE ON MARIJUANA??????? I bet more girls are drunk or SOBER when they get pregnant.
  5. i went to freevibe and I posted my anti-drug....gettting high...hehehhehehe
  6. does watching these commercials make you so mad you want to break something? I dunno, I just get so mad when I see them...especially the ones with the two guys eating dinner...the guy with glasses is such an ass
  7. if she couldnt handle weed without fucking some guy then why didnt she try not smoking it in the first place? if parents arent gonna tell there kids not to be sluts then when they get pregnant blame it on marijuana then this country is going to hell
    BS BS BS me and my friend always make fun of shit like that when we're stoned we'll start saying "it's more harmful than we all thought" heh good laughs
  8. also have of any of ya'll seen the one w/the car accidents... claiming that 1 out 3 accidents where the driver tested positive for drugs, was marijuana. OR something like that... i dont really recall... but anwayz.... if they were tested positive for the whacky tobaccy they couldnt prove that they were directly under the influence of it while they were driving. or could they? it seems to me they are basing it on the fact that they found weed in their system and not saying that they were directly under the influence of weed but j/saying they found it. If this is true then the govt or freevibe or whoever are getting a little more clever w/their ad, making it sounds like weed caused those accidents.
  9. thats gay... just cus your stoned dont mean that u gonna get prgnant! it was that girls choice to have sex and she did it with her own judgement, sober or not!!!! fuck the government and fuck that commercial!!!!!!
  10. I tend to think that these stats of early pregnancy and reckless driving which the individual may have marijuana in their system (which is making them the stats that back up their points of the commercials) are also driving under the influence of alcohol (even or other drugs) but they are specifically targeting marijuana. who knows if they even smoked that night, just because they testsed positive for it, doesnt mean it couldnt have been alcohol that lowered inhibitions to lead to these claims. but they say nothing about that. it really bugs me cause alcohol does more damage to your decsion making abilites than marijuana even comes close.
    its like this is the only thing that they have to say 'dont do this cause this'
  11. The reason they make the clain that the drivers were on pot is because when they test the victims they test for anything in the past few months, even years. Also, when they make their statistics they count everyine involved IN the accident, not just the people who CAUSED the accident. As for the pregnant girl, I've seen it and thought it was the dumbest thing ever.

    NORML has released a document to the government, countering all their statements and begging them to at least stop lying to the American public. There's more info on their site:

    They also have a system which automatically tells you which legislators (in your area) to write to, writes the letter, and emails it for you. Political power in under two minutes!
  12. oh my oh my.

    The IIB Party (Ignorance is bliss party) sure are out in force.

    I had a quick squizz to see what the FAQs were on freevibe... i almost wet my self... this is it in its ENTIRETY!


    A: If you are worried about your parent's drinking or drug use, they might have a disease -- alcoholism or a drug addiction. If this is the case, your parent is not a bad person; these diseases can cause a loss of control. If they have this disease, they might say or do something that hurts you, which they wouldn't do if they didn't drink or do drugs.


    A: At first, they don't even know that they are ill. Sometimes it's very hard for people to admit that they have a problem-they are in denial. But even when they become aware that something is wrong, they might not believe that drugs or alcohol are the problem.


    A: Addiction to drugs and alcohol tends to run in families, and genetic factors partially explain this pattern. A person's environment, including their friends, how much work they have to do, and the ease of getting alcohol or drugs, also may influence how much someone drinks or does drugs. It is also important to remember that even if no other family member has a drug or alcohol addiction, it is still possible to develop a problem. But just because your mom or dad does drugs or drinks too much does not mean you will automatically develop alcoholism or drug dependence. Other things, such as being involved in sports, dance, music, writing and other after school activities, may help to protect even high-risk people from drug and alcohol problems.


    A: No! They might blame things on other people, like you, or they might blame their job, the car, or whatever else is convenient. It's important to remember you can't control your mom or dad. Their alcoholism or drug addiction can be caused by many different things. Don't try to hide bottles or be perfect; you can't do anything about it. You did not cause the disease.


    A: Yes. You are not alone. There are lots of kids just like you. There are probably other kids in your class at school whose parents do drugs or drink too much-kids you would never think of might have a parent like yours. Maybe you know some of them because you've been to their house. In fact, one out of four kids under the age of 20 in the United States is exposed to alcohol abuse and dependence in the family environment. You really aren't alone.


    A: Find someone you trust and talk to them about it. It could be a teacher, a friend's parents, a big brother or sister, a minister or priest, a coach, a nurse or doctor, or someone else who will listen to you. Remember, if you're worried and don't know who to go to, call 1-800-788-2800 or check out resources at Get Help

    yes... that is ALL the Frequently Asked Questions on their site....

    Do these guys know what F A Q stands for? It does not mean some bullshit some guy in the office hammered out in 10 minutes!

    and from the "why do people take drugs section"....

    Why do people keep taking drugs?

    Many people don't become addicted to drugs, but may continue to do drugs for the same reasons they started: because they want to fit in, because they want to escape, because they're bored, whatever. These are people who have issues with insecurity, and are scared or unwilling to deal with problems in a straight-up, intelligent way--like talking to friends, counselors, even parents!

    insecurity? um... most stoners i know are some of the most secure people i know. So maybe (just maybe) they realise that Cannabis is not a Narcotic!

    "and are scared or unwilling to deal with problems in a straight-up, intelligent way"

    u-huh. so just like most religions then.

    Personaly i think its all these Anti-sanity peeps who can't deal with things in a straight-up, intelligent way. that's why they have to resort to these petty scaremongering, propagandist tactics.

    Well I could rant on and on and on about these lamers... but i'll only get even more pissed off.

    I could do with a J to calm the nerves about now.

  13. Sooo...if nobody was allowed drugs or alcohol there would no longer be ANY child abuse?
  14. i personally like the one where they're in the den and the kid accidently shoots the other one, and the one where they're in the drive through, not cause of the outcome of the commersal but cause i've smoked in both of the places...
  15. you must always remind yourself to who is funding these bullshit comercials... and where they find there research.. i was reading another post about the girl who's pregnant and here parnents looking on....there seems to be another message that you can get from that commercial as well.....haveing a child, or being pregnant without being married first.....

    Personally i don't have a tv and i'm quite glad, that way i don't have to watch that american propaganda about there failed war on drugs...

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