New Bowl

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  1. Picked this up today, what do you think?

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  2. little guy. looks like some pretty detailed and heavy work, how much did it run you?
  3. those pictures make it look a lot smaller than it is, i just measured it. Its around 4 inches. But it cost 30.
  4. worth it fo sho then, good buy
  5. that is a nice piece you got yourself. nice and small. break that thing in. not literally
  6. That's some sexy shit there, mang.
  7. is the carb at the top? kinda like a steamroller?

  8. Very nice piece but yeah, where's the carb?
  9. yeah the carbs at the top, never seen a glass bowl like that so i felt the need to buy.
  10. Nice piece dude! Looks like a nice sturdy bowl and the design is awesome =]
  11. fuckin michael angelo
  12. Nice glass man :) How much did that little guy set you back?
  13. It cost 30, bargained down from 40.

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