new bowl!!

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  1. i got this new bowl for my friend since i broke his old one. i was wondering if this was chinese blown glass? i hope its not... i was told that most blue glass means that its chinese made but im not sure. let me know what you all think!:wave:

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  2. looks like my penis after I shoved it up your mom's butt
  3. i don't know if it's chinese, but it's a pretty sweet bowl. if i were you i would keep it and buy you're friend a different one lol :smoke:
  4. that could very well be a chinese prodo piece, no way of telling for sure. but who cares if the price is right, right? :smoke:
  5. looks gnarly dude, nice big magnifier :D
  6. ok...
  7. yea i dont think its chinese.. its a nicely blown bowl and my buddy really liked it. thanks to all who werent hatin! cheers

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