New Bowl Piece, (pics)(need a name)

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  1. Hey fellow blades, finally picked up a new Bowl today after my wallet had been playing hide and seek with me the last few days(with my ID).

    Im really lovin it so far, It is about 4.5'' long and has its carb on the right, with a good bowlpack that is deceptively deep.

    I love the look too, the moment I saw it i loved it. It is color changing when smoked and the eyeball is glow in the dark. The red eye lines while looking awesome also make for some good heat dispersion and i was able to smoke 4 bowlpacks straight with 3 friends before i had to let it cool for a bit. The only thing i would change about it is the green eye being blue like mine.

    I havent gotten a name for it yet but toss me some ideas guys(and no Cyclops is not going to be it)

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  2. Trippy bowl.

    I'd go for "Horus' eye."

    As in this eye...

    but yeah just keep smoking out of it till you find your own perfect name for it.

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  3. The name for your piece will come naturally... You can't be asking random people to name ur pipe ;)

  4. I know, and i never do name a piece right away. I just always like hearing other smokers opinions and get some good ideas to branch off of:smoke:
  5. [​IMG]

    dont get ideas from others. it'll come to you when ur baked at a certain time, when ur sooo blazed that you'll hope you will remember it =)
  6. It'll just come eventually. I thought mine was clever enough that I ended up using my name for my bong as my username lol
  7. Vainy penis lol
  8. [quote name='"fucking baked"']Vainy penis lol[/quote]

    Imagine the reaction of his buds when he pulls that out and they ask what he's named it.

    I'm assuming it'd be like this....


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