New bowl/downstem?

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  1. Hello all,

    I recently purchased my first bubbler. I'm very happy with it but there's just one thing; the bowl is too small. I feel I have to repack a lot for every sesh. So, this brings up my question, can I replace the bowl/downstem combo on my bubbler?

    The bowl/downstem combo can be removed. Also, this is what my piece looks like.

    So if this is possible, does anyone know where I can buy a binger bowl/downstem combo for my bubbler?

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  2. Yeah go to a headshop or gas station. They usually have stems and bowls.
  3. The bowl and downstem are attached? Looks like it'll be difficult to find a replacement because that bubbler doesn't seem to follow the standard downstem into piece and slide into downstem. But I guess you could try
  4. That doesnt make sense, the downstem and bowl has to be pulled out to clear?? lol

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