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  1. I have been using just a basic cheap bong for a long time now and I finally decided I want to buy a new high quality fully loaded bong.

    I want to buy a nice bong, maybe a lux, with a diffuser, perc, and an ash and ice catcher

    I know it is going to be pricey but i really have no idea on average what this is going to cost. I do not want to overpay or get ripped off.

    This is my question is to you all. What is the average price I should except to pay for a nice bong with all of the add ons i named? How much is too much??
  2. Ouf,

    With the cyberweek sale going, a lot of the bongs that I think would match what you requested seem to be Out of Stock. :S

    I'm no expert, or a bargain shopper, but here are some that I personally find nice and are close to what you requested.

    Blaze Glass - Premium Percolator Ice Bong Blue - Straight Tube - Glass Bongs - Bongs & Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -

    Black Leaf - 3-arm Tree Perc Ice Bong - Yellow and Blue -

    You might have to buy the ashcatcher seperately. I think there are small bongs by Black leaf which have 3 arm perc, ice & ash catcher. But the only one I found they have left is pink. :S

    Black Leaf - 4-arm Perc Ice Bong - Ashcatcher - Pink - Ashcatchers / Pre-Coolers - Spare Parts - Smoking Pipes -

    They had a bunch of colors, before the sale.
  3. cyber monday? o shit that was yesterday.

  4. Read the big banner on top of the site. :p lol It lasts until the 8th of December.

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