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  1. Ice catcher, perc, fairly tall, huge bowl, stem goes all the way into the bottom.
    Named it The Blue Raja.

    For it's first hit, my friend who bought it with me, emptied his grinder's kief chamber onto the bowl also and apparently he was completely set after his one huge rip. I was set after a few. :)

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  2. looks cheap but hey if it does the job then go right on :)
  3. gotta put price bro looks nice though
  4. oh for sure, but we're both broke college kids, we were happy with it ;)
  5. sorry, $70, 35 for both of us. It might not be great quality built but I just wanted all glass and a big bowl. My friend who has smoked me up fairly often wanted the ice catcher and perc, so it's what it is.

    edit: also, it's my first bong
  6. Looks like a dank first bong to me. Enjoy my freind. Take a nice rip for me. :bongin:
  7. fuck ya!
    gotta love em ice picks,
  8. Love it man awesome color and please post some milk shots
  9. Very solid first bong and name as well. Enjoy it =D

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