1. Paid $100 has 4 hole perc, glass on glass, with ice pinch also came with a matching ash catcher. All I need is a nice diffuser downstem.

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  2. Looks sharp man!

    For a bill...that looks like you got yourself a deal. I see that the bowl is nice and filled..SPARK IT UP!
  3. I'd hit that, =)
  4. Looks great dude, I'd pay $100 for it too. Especially with the ashcatcher & nice-looking bowl included. too bad the ashcatcher has a built-in bowl
  5. Thanks fellas. She rips like a monster. No lie. :)
  6. Everyone says that about their china tubes:rolleyes:

    Im glad your enjoying your purchase!:smoking:
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    Idc if its China glass, Indian glass, or glass from Afghanistan. As long as it hits good, is durable, and came at the right price that's all that matters to Me. :)
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    You will care about glass quality if u ever drop that thing 2 inches
  9. Did he say durable?:laughing:

    As long as your happy though.
  10. You like a lotta drag in your bongs dont you? The water is pretty high
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    Lol saw that too. And too be honest op gc has better deals then that. I got this for thirty six dollars after a 30% sale. Have fun with that piece though

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  12. Molinos mad scientist for 150 makes that bong look like a disgrace considering how much that costs and it has 7mm with 2 6 arm percs
  13. I like it man post some milk shots
  14. $100 is way too much for that!....maybe $45 woulda been a fair price.....next time just shop around on GC and save urself some $.... =/
    enjoy ur piece....
  15. Fuck haters if your happy and like it and it works good job and milk pics
  16. Nice investment homie.
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    [​IMG]Thank you for those who have respected my thread with positive energy as one blade should. :) this milks for you guys.

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