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    Just bought this bong a couple days ago for $150. Would you say i got a good deal? And yea i know its dirty me and my friend were hittin it today :smoke:. Also i want to buy an ashcatcher for it, any recomendations? Not looking to spend too much on one though.

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  2. My friends sister has the same roor. It's fairly basic but always hits nice.
  3. Sweet bong man. It's your call on the ice catcher, but you definately need a diffuser.
  4. Pretty sick. I've always wondered what's the difference between brand bongs and regular, blank ones. Never hit a brand bong either so that probably explains it...
  5. nice roor dude, i got this illy for 200 without the ash catcher and i love it.
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    lol why are you thread jacking with your illi?
    and yes. Id say it was a good deal. Anytime you can get a roor with a beaker its all good my friend. They are mainly just straight tube pieces. Enjoy it!
  7. because it would be weird to carry a picture in my wallet :D
  8. The logo and placement of ice pinches lead me to believe it's a fake

  9. Yes, I was thinking it looked a bit fishy also :confused:
    But Maybe those are just placed differently? :confused_2:

  10. Doubtful, roor places 2 in the front one in the back if Im not mistaken. The logo also looks excessively large, while the blown out beaker bottom continues to add to its deceit. The bowl pictured is commonly used in fakes, and to be frank, the sig doesn't look too promising either. Not trying to rain on you're parade, simply informing you on your purchase. :wave:
  11. Yeah that label...
  12. oh well so it isn't a real RooR, but it still hits great and imo is still a pretty good bong.
  13. agreed =) if youre happy thats all that matters man
  14. Thats all that really matters! Happy Tokin!:smoking:

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